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GLOBAL WIRE HARNESS was founded by experienced engineers and technicians who have worked in defense industry companies for many years and specialized in design and manufacturing of cable and wire harnesses and electro-mechanical boxes.

Our core business is design, integration, prototyping and serial production of cable and wire harnesses and electro-mechanical boxes according to military and industrial standards and customer requirements for both land, aerospace and navy platforms.

Trust and faith lie in the basis of all bilateral and customer relations in our company.

In our company, our co-workers are the most precious to us. The managers and employees within the company are those who trust each other, who are aware of their responsibilities, who work with a devotion not only for themselves but also for their institutions and environments.

Each individual within the group thinks of how have a task done in the most proper, accurate and beautiful way and makes an effort to attain perfection.

In addition to their own personal development, they also adopt it as a way of life to help the development of their close environment and of the institution they are working at.

The individuals working in our group are different from each other in terms of their duties and responsibilities, however; they are equals in terms of honor, meaning and human rights.

The privilege of being within our company is based on the fact that every individual in this community has a habit of ‘doing their best to achieve perfection’.

Being an innovative, pioneering, exemplary, indispensable solution partner for defence industry companies in international platform for Cable and wire harnesses and electro-mechanical boxes design, prototyping and manufacturing, by prooving itself with correct design and manufacturing, high quality, on-time delivery, good pricing and reliability.

– Continuous Development

– Effective and Efficient Manufacturing Planning

– Fast Sub-Material Supply and Stocking

– High Quality Standards

– Continuous Communication

– Low Costs and Best Pricing

– On-time Delivery

– %100 Customer Satisfaction

As Global Wire Harness Defense and Aviation Company, our quality and environmental policy regarding the design, production and assembly of cable assemblies and electro-mechanical parts and systems: