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Production and service at high quality standards
Global Wire Harness

GLOBAL WIRE HARNESS was founded by experienced engineers and technicians who have worked in defense industry companies for many years and specialized in design and manufacturing of cable and wire harnesses and electro-mechanical boxes.

Our core business is design, integration, prototyping and serial production of cable and wire harnesses and electro-mechanical boxes according to military and industrial standards and customer requirements for both land, aerospace and navy platforms.

Analog Wiring Design

Analog Cabling Design, Analog cable design, cable tree production, cable set production, shielded cable termination techniques are carried out by our professional staff.

Data Cabling Design

Data Cable Sets Design, Grounding Cable Sets Design, Power Line Cable Sets Design, Documentation Works are carried out by us. Since data cables are used for communication and data transfer, they pass through high precision and stringent quality control standards during the production process.

System Cabling Design

Power, data, rf, cx etc. in your current system. Since cable design and production requires high reliability and durability, it is produced with great care by applying extremely strict quality rules.

Our Solutions